Apr 3, 2011

thief LOVES to cross stitch? ;o

a thief LOVES to cross stitch? :0 hve u ever heard about it? ??
rite or not ,, i also don't know about it... hihi ;D it came across my mind after im enjoying a cup of plain water [ do we njoy a cup of PLAIN water??? 0o.. if u don't then i DO ! ~ ] -- i suddenly remembered a month ago,, a gang of thieves broke into my granny house.. pheww~~ it such a SHOCK ! ~~ luckily that we r not at home at that time... huwaa~~ but her house was such in BIG mess ~~ =.=' they makes us 'dnajsagfjdvbreafjvbafigbajgb' ← look,, i bet even u can't understand what we had said....

after she checked all her belongings,, she found out that some of her money n belongings taken by them... T.T the police asks us to check again out our belongings.. and after that i found out that my red UiTM pouch taken by them... TT^TT sob sob sob.. i LOVE that pouch so much,,~~ and whats funny is they take along the pouch w/ my cross stitch set...!~ uwaa~~ : 8 i'm wondering if they can sell the cross stitch set or they finished up my cross-stitch??~~ if they finished it up,, then please send to me back yaa~~ :(( frustrated like a 'crying frog' [ do they have that phrase?? if don''t then let me add it to the dictionary ]
wait! :)) does everyone knew what is cross-stitch?? ^^ then i'll let u know !

let's start our session ::
asking Mr. WIKI : what is a cross-stitch?

Mr. WIKI answered : Cross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture

so, u got it already right! :) NICE~~ ^^ i love to do it,, not too easy but not too hard.. nice n satisfied~~ :D try it..

usually if u bought in set,, it already contains what u need.. :D but if u want to make your own design, then get all this things→ a cross-stitch needle, Aida cloth(same as the picture), and embroidery floss (any colours)

using cross-stitch,, u can make a perfect gifts for ur love ones! ^^ keychain, handphone straps, a nice picture @ portraits, etc.

start to learn cross-stitching! ^^ its more easier to get the beginner set, cuz they teach u step by step how to starts a cross-stitch~~ i've learn it! Its fun!~

if u want to see a step by step cross-stitch click here !~

But just beware, not to put ur cross-stitch set in a pouch !! :)) afraid that all the thieves knew how to cross-stitch later... kekeke ^^

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