Apr 1, 2011

A Daughter Proposal ~~

kekeke,, the title sounds like im proposing someone rite ?? XD LOL tats exactly rite!
im proposing my father !! ^^ kekeke dun get the wrong idea ~ ('',) not to get married,, but to buy me a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 ! ^^ hihihi :D sounds fun rite?

dun know which one? here ~~ *drum roll*

kekeke XD nice rite? *even if u say 'NO',, i will only hear it as 'YES' ! ahahaha :D*
the price in Malaysia is about RM600++. uhmm,, not really sure coz i've seen it once and only by glaring for about 1.5minutes~
i luv it coz it have Wi-Fi, 3G.. important for me coz i ♥ Twitter,FB n blogging !kekeke ^^ so NICE! [ b2st way! ]

beautiful Xperia oh oh yes oh oh yes
i will surely get u this time
I will ask my father,, to buy u for me ~
Cus u r mine!!!! hahaha s=) crazy spirit gurl has comeee~~~~

want to know more ? wait until i got it ! #buyx8forein ← trending by myself ! hahahah

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