Apr 7, 2011

i'm so sorry but i love you.........

firstly,, *important* thx to cik farhanumhalimin forthis pix !kekeke :D i took it from google image!~

this is my school ! kekeke my REAL school....
ive been here since year2006-2010 ~~ long time... staying in their beautiful hostel : ON & OFF !

a lil bit about my school : located in Taiping,Perak
from Form1 (13Yo) → Form5 (17Yo)
surrounded by beautiful trees....
near to the Lake Garden.!
at night, PIGS will come out and ruined out our school field :((
some says that our school is one of the haunted school ('',) Omo!
got a nice and *XCLUSIVE* hostel : better than other... kekekek :D

i missed them...... my school, the canteen's cats, our CO-OP, our hostels, our prep room, wardens, SPM guards, ~~~ so much that i can't list all of that~~T.T
: missed my friends : COZ
---- this what we always do ! ^^
dance to korean or english song : famous dancer ,, me.kelly.wanie.malina.
sings to any song,, *though we hate the song at first, at last we've bcome addicted* kekeke :D
its not 'Love like a Drugs' but it's 'Songs like a Drugs!'
: famous singer : dida.ain.sye2.anum. --- and its diff genre ! ^^ English,Malay,Korean

best buddies : LOVE them so much,, miss them TT^TT : ummi.niesah.anis.ena.macik.jaja.hanim.trah.alya.mar.fafai.khairul.ola.ika.ifa.sab.mira.tqah.noorain.. sorie for 'not included' name..
kekeke :D must hurry.! mianhaeyo~~~

this is our GRADUATION pic!~ TT^TT sad to remember....

dressing Black n White ! ^^ kekeke :D like a crazy girl, went dorm by dorm jus to borrow someone BLACK long skirt [is that rite???]
finally ,, my mom send it to me at the night... Thx eomma.... Nal chincha oemma saranghaeyo ~!

uwaa,, really missed the dorms, wardens, guards, canteen people, cars in and out, juniors....

feels like want to turn the time back and....
*eat Maggi [instant noodle] w/ my friends again... ^^ imagine,, about 12peoples sharing 5packets of Maggi and its gone within 5minutes ! huwaa~ we are PIRANHA ! ^^
*dance again like crazy,,anytime we want to do it! :D
*singing happily and freely... especially, at our study time --- 11.00pm→2.00am
*making FOOD party!~ ~ how? by calling McD in the mid of nite.... kekeke ^^
or by bringing own food from home and shared it together ! :) love that moment !
*sleeping during prep time ! ^^ hahaha no other solution that sleeping if u r sleepy !
*watching movies via Lappy :)
*sharing vid and songs via Blutooth~~ ^^
*eat ice cream! ^^ that uncle surely become rich after he came to our hostel ^^

uwaa TT^TT missed those things so much... all of my GIRL friends,, i luv u so much~


  1. waaa . . .
    ad nme aku
    yeah !
    miss that m0ment ^_^

  2. kekeke ^^ of coz la credit utk ang... ^^ gmba kpunyaan ang! hihihi
    yup,, really miss those moment TT^TT the best is ble kte lari dari warden ! ^^ gila !