Apr 11, 2011

learn properly and just shut up !

argh,, feeling my burden was taken away by the strong wind [ raining heavily here n very strong wind !] XD

learn properly how to speak others language! ^^ i had start to take notes about this since im in my secondary school.. :) its rite that experience is the teacher of life!
since im in Malaysia , and im a Malay... means i can talk English and Malay only :)
now, i starts to learn Korean slowly~ its fun to learn others language and to use it.~

theres other language that we can learn also like
& many more~

many way we can learn those language... now, not only through classes... ~ we also can learn through Internet n books! ^^
through the world technology,, i believes that every people can learn through their own way..
goin to class? mybe should or maybe not? :D should if we want to be the best n learn more things.! not, if u believe and u can get helps from ur friends~ ^^

so, before saying something.. please do look and investigate... the means, way to pronounce, and how it heard~ :) sometimes it may invite laughter from other people, or maybe madness...
others culture, we should respect for it. who knew, mybe one day they will let their grudge to us bcause of our own mistakes... :)

im talking based on my xperience.. its very very important to knew what the means... TT^TT
sad to remember~ but that had taught me to always take safety measures [funny LOL XD my sentences] dun no what to write... kekekek :)

shut up? ^^
not the Bad Girl Good Girl by MissA

so shut up boy, so shut up boy so shut up shut up ! XD love tat song~

heard that someone juz wearing an 'OpenAir' dress... O_O
Lol its rite, i saw it ! =.=' she juz can say if she wears a tube, then the dress would not look beautiful coz the design is bareback~ ouh la la~
thats why i said that she should shut up her mouth...juz gives those dumb xcuses then leave...
people will starts to open their mouth when they heard about it u know?
mybe someone must knock on her head to make she realized that we are in Mlysia u know... O_o

urgh ... let it be.... (*.*)
these are some advices to girls out there... i knew that u love to wear dresses... :)
then,, juz wear it and takes some precaution steps from those 'CROCs' eyes... ^^
here i post a pix of safety short... its important to wear a safety shorts if u wear dresses or skirts.. even shorts~ :D unless u want those eyes to stare at u n c whats inside..O_O

its worth to buy it ~ ^^ believe me !

:) daridadudud~~~ bubye !

i hate awkward ~ :(

this entry actually is in Malay,, but somethings had 'boomboompaw' my head... then i decided to write it in English~ kekeke :D
a few days ago, im happy and a few days later i upset... 0_0
dont know what had gotten in me for a last few days.... :( im terribbly sad T.T

im happy coz Mr Dan replied me~ *faint* XD
LOL,, im not obsessed w/ him,, jus i love to see him ^^ he is nice, can bcome ur friend, lovely voice!
said so to one of my bezfriend, that i'm easily to fall into a guys w/ lovely voice... but not all of coz~

^^ so he is under my 'stalking' list ! hihihi XD
actually want to post the cut pix of the comments... but afraid he will knew it ~ kekekek XD


juz post ! :) nvermind ryte? i just Like it :P

i'm sorry Mr Dan.. ^^ i juz love to c u~ XD dun think me as a REAL stalker ~ kekeke XD

why im upset ? O_O

uhm... theres an answer for that question,, but i didn't knew how to xplain in...
argh... its juz a feel my life is ...?? miserable mybe? :(
even i can't xplain it ... urgh~ =.=' i hate it...
start: for me as a friends, or new friends... then juz act like a friend... i luv tat way more ~ =.= i hate to feel awkward to a friend... :( so juz be like a friend... i like my friend, but i dun like my awkward friend... so how? terrible ryte? urgh~ then nvermind.. goin to post a more fun topics next..

juz pray that i can get rid that awkward thingss~ urgh ~

Apr 7, 2011

i'm so sorry but i love you.........

firstly,, *important* thx to cik farhanumhalimin forthis pix !kekeke :D i took it from google image!~

this is my school ! kekeke my REAL school....
ive been here since year2006-2010 ~~ long time... staying in their beautiful hostel : ON & OFF !

a lil bit about my school : located in Taiping,Perak
from Form1 (13Yo) → Form5 (17Yo)
surrounded by beautiful trees....
near to the Lake Garden.!
at night, PIGS will come out and ruined out our school field :((
some says that our school is one of the haunted school ('',) Omo!
got a nice and *XCLUSIVE* hostel : better than other... kekekek :D

i missed them...... my school, the canteen's cats, our CO-OP, our hostels, our prep room, wardens, SPM guards, ~~~ so much that i can't list all of that~~T.T
: missed my friends : COZ
---- this what we always do ! ^^
dance to korean or english song : famous dancer ,, me.kelly.wanie.malina.
sings to any song,, *though we hate the song at first, at last we've bcome addicted* kekeke :D
its not 'Love like a Drugs' but it's 'Songs like a Drugs!'
: famous singer : dida.ain.sye2.anum. --- and its diff genre ! ^^ English,Malay,Korean

best buddies : LOVE them so much,, miss them TT^TT : ummi.niesah.anis.ena.macik.jaja.hanim.trah.alya.mar.fafai.khairul.ola.ika.ifa.sab.mira.tqah.noorain.. sorie for 'not included' name..
kekeke :D must hurry.! mianhaeyo~~~

this is our GRADUATION pic!~ TT^TT sad to remember....

dressing Black n White ! ^^ kekeke :D like a crazy girl, went dorm by dorm jus to borrow someone BLACK long skirt [is that rite???]
finally ,, my mom send it to me at the night... Thx eomma.... Nal chincha oemma saranghaeyo ~!

uwaa,, really missed the dorms, wardens, guards, canteen people, cars in and out, juniors....

feels like want to turn the time back and....
*eat Maggi [instant noodle] w/ my friends again... ^^ imagine,, about 12peoples sharing 5packets of Maggi and its gone within 5minutes ! huwaa~ we are PIRANHA ! ^^
*dance again like crazy,,anytime we want to do it! :D
*singing happily and freely... especially, at our study time --- 11.00pm→2.00am
*making FOOD party!~ ~ how? by calling McD in the mid of nite.... kekeke ^^
or by bringing own food from home and shared it together ! :) love that moment !
*sleeping during prep time ! ^^ hahaha no other solution that sleeping if u r sleepy !
*watching movies via Lappy :)
*sharing vid and songs via Blutooth~~ ^^
*eat ice cream! ^^ that uncle surely become rich after he came to our hostel ^^

uwaa TT^TT missed those things so much... all of my GIRL friends,, i luv u so much~

Apr 6, 2011

sad, tired, it shouldn't be like this ~ :(

about [sad, tired, it shoudn't be like this] is bcoz ...
i'm sad coz my blog viewer decreasing TT^TT
i'm tired coz both of my legs got 'xcercise shock' !
i think it shoudn't be like this bcoz of xtvties didn't work and go like i planned... =.=

its hard to accept it~~

forgetting them...........*abracadabra! bbiri bbabba! yu eee!* problems DISSAPEAR ~

so sick,, both legs are in pains... they screaming for HELP~~! ow, itmust be bcoz of my split yoga xtvties... n skipping ~ fuhh~ hate it...
suddenly forgetting what i want to post..... o0....
OK! suddenly remember something ! ^^ kekeke [mood change : HAPPY ]
wait,, hungry ! =.=' what to do??????
knew something that would help me ~~ kekekeke ^^


looks yummy ? of course! ^^ its Chef Cat Cora Halibut dish ! kekeke ^^
cooking? shes waaayyyyy BETTER than me ! hihii :D me? got my own way of cooking ! hihihihi

ok, my stomach feeling better! ^^ Mr.S please live healthily and don't call Mr. G to have a 'Sleepover Party' w/ u ! i HATE it ! ^^ kekekek

[newTOPIC] hihihi ^^ i've heard... no no no~~ i've read in some site...^^
*happiness overloaded*

B2ST goin to released their 1st FULL ALBUM in the mid of April ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!
whoaa~ praying that is true.. a B2UTY which is also a Korean,, read it somewhere~
so NICE! Thanks to B2ST : Yoon Doo Joon, Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Yo Seob, Yong Jun Hyung, Lee Gi Kwang, Son Dong Woon ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ u so much ! ! ! :))

to CUBE ENT. : please released a SE [specialedition] B2ST full album together!~ i would BUY it!
kekekeke :D

[2nd newTOPIC]
have u watch 4Minutes new mv ?? ^^
Heart 2 Heart (starring: 4Minute n CN Blue Jungshin)
Mirror Mirror ^^ new ,, album : 4Minute Left~

can't wait for their comeback in MuBank ~~ gidaryo!
comment : H2H mv is awesome! im a Jungshin bias, ^^ and i love the way he bcomes nice n arrogant there ! kekeke :D 4Minute repay their revenge towards him~ funny LOL XD.
Mirror mirror MV,, 4Minutes looks awesomely cool and sexy! their song quite catchy, but i prefer H2H.. coz it sounds more funky ! hihihi :)) click MirrorMirror up there to watch the Mv!

[myDAY] feels so bored~ uwaa, thinking of goin to any water parks...but no friends.. watch Glee, Are u smarter than 5th grader, and now.. Reaper 2.. gve me more entertainment please oh tv!

stopping right there... feels so tired,, putting my jaw on my Nemo~ =.='


b4 that,, do leave me some tips about getting rid of my bad habit : drinks Coke everytime im thirsty~

gudnite, [already morning....] sleep well~ dream of ur bias ! ^^ kekekke

Apr 3, 2011

thief LOVES to cross stitch? ;o

a thief LOVES to cross stitch? :0 hve u ever heard about it? ??
rite or not ,, i also don't know about it... hihi ;D it came across my mind after im enjoying a cup of plain water [ do we njoy a cup of PLAIN water??? 0o.. if u don't then i DO ! ~ ] -- i suddenly remembered a month ago,, a gang of thieves broke into my granny house.. pheww~~ it such a SHOCK ! ~~ luckily that we r not at home at that time... huwaa~~ but her house was such in BIG mess ~~ =.=' they makes us 'dnajsagfjdvbreafjvbafigbajgb' ← look,, i bet even u can't understand what we had said....

after she checked all her belongings,, she found out that some of her money n belongings taken by them... T.T the police asks us to check again out our belongings.. and after that i found out that my red UiTM pouch taken by them... TT^TT sob sob sob.. i LOVE that pouch so much,,~~ and whats funny is they take along the pouch w/ my cross stitch set...!~ uwaa~~ : 8 i'm wondering if they can sell the cross stitch set or they finished up my cross-stitch??~~ if they finished it up,, then please send to me back yaa~~ :(( frustrated like a 'crying frog' [ do they have that phrase?? if don''t then let me add it to the dictionary ]
wait! :)) does everyone knew what is cross-stitch?? ^^ then i'll let u know !

let's start our session ::
asking Mr. WIKI : what is a cross-stitch?

Mr. WIKI answered : Cross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture

so, u got it already right! :) NICE~~ ^^ i love to do it,, not too easy but not too hard.. nice n satisfied~~ :D try it..

usually if u bought in set,, it already contains what u need.. :D but if u want to make your own design, then get all this things→ a cross-stitch needle, Aida cloth(same as the picture), and embroidery floss (any colours)

using cross-stitch,, u can make a perfect gifts for ur love ones! ^^ keychain, handphone straps, a nice picture @ portraits, etc.

start to learn cross-stitching! ^^ its more easier to get the beginner set, cuz they teach u step by step how to starts a cross-stitch~~ i've learn it! Its fun!~

if u want to see a step by step cross-stitch click here !~

But just beware, not to put ur cross-stitch set in a pouch !! :)) afraid that all the thieves knew how to cross-stitch later... kekeke ^^

Apr 1, 2011

A Daughter Proposal ~~

kekeke,, the title sounds like im proposing someone rite ?? XD LOL tats exactly rite!
im proposing my father !! ^^ kekeke dun get the wrong idea ~ ('',) not to get married,, but to buy me a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 ! ^^ hihihi :D sounds fun rite?

dun know which one? here ~~ *drum roll*

kekeke XD nice rite? *even if u say 'NO',, i will only hear it as 'YES' ! ahahaha :D*
the price in Malaysia is about RM600++. uhmm,, not really sure coz i've seen it once and only by glaring for about 1.5minutes~
i luv it coz it have Wi-Fi, 3G.. important for me coz i ♥ Twitter,FB n blogging !kekeke ^^ so NICE! [ b2st way! ]

beautiful Xperia oh oh yes oh oh yes
i will surely get u this time
I will ask my father,, to buy u for me ~
Cus u r mine!!!! hahaha s=) crazy spirit gurl has comeee~~~~

want to know more ? wait until i got it ! #buyx8forein ← trending by myself ! hahahah

saya jumpa Mr Dan ! =))

kekeke ^^ sekali skala na jugak tulis post dalam BM,, dok syiok taip omputih nyer bhasa jaa... =))

jadi,, ak na cter psal [ saya jumpa Mr Dan ] → mende nieyh ats request cik Rish@buttercookie.saya ! ^^ hihhiih

bukan jumpa pon,, actually adek fanatik Korea :: si Adam tuh.. :)) *thx dik sbb baik ngan akk!*
ak dok tgok dier share satu vid psal seseorg yg p MBC konsert kt Korea dok cter psal CD2 y dier beli.. so ak pon komen la tnya si dik tu.. 'ap kbnda tuh?' then dia jwab,, 'mamat korea dok kt sydney(kalo xsilap ak) '

ouh~~~ =.= memula,, biasa jer la.. then Adam sruh ak subscribe channel dier kt utube,, dlam prjalanan na subscribe tuh ~~ vid dier auto PLAY ! o0... uwaaa~~~~

mak aih,, gorgeous nyer~~ hahaha :D [ akak suka!]

hahaha ~~ sorry2,, masalah OVERXCITED y xleyh dibuang~~ kekekek ^^
so,, ak pon tgok la vid tuh smpai abeh~~ hihi na tao yg ane? nie dier : mrDAN
kekeke ^^ suke n kembang la hati akak bile tao y dier nie umo 18~~ hahah :D
but diorg overseas,, mne graduate lg wktu umo nieyh... heheh ^^

msalah ak ble jari ak sesaje gatal mnekan status smbil mn'tag' kan Mr DAN tuh... =.='
parah btoll masalah nie~~ hee~~ Xo
but nextday,, dier thx kt ak sbb ske vid dier~~ huwaa ~~~~~
*bleeding nose * hahahahah XD ak komen2 sket ngan dier.. tu jee~~ hihi
korang kalo na carik FB or Twitter dier ,, click la kt link y ak da boh tuh~~ hihi

korang tgok la vid2 dier y len,, ak xsempah na mnelaah lgi cuz cter ProsecuterPrincess bru na tmatkn riwayat dgan ak~~ hihi ble da tgok vid dier,, korang gtao la pndapat korang ek! ^^
[ape.ak.suka] : muka blurr dier.. mak aih,, kiut ssungguhnyaa~~ hahaha XD

Selamat berkenalan dgan Mr DAN ! ;))

notakecik4rish@buttercookies ;; tu psal la cik jantung ak syok gler ari tuh~~ hahaha