Apr 6, 2011

sad, tired, it shouldn't be like this ~ :(

about [sad, tired, it shoudn't be like this] is bcoz ...
i'm sad coz my blog viewer decreasing TT^TT
i'm tired coz both of my legs got 'xcercise shock' !
i think it shoudn't be like this bcoz of xtvties didn't work and go like i planned... =.=

its hard to accept it~~

forgetting them...........*abracadabra! bbiri bbabba! yu eee!* problems DISSAPEAR ~

so sick,, both legs are in pains... they screaming for HELP~~! ow, itmust be bcoz of my split yoga xtvties... n skipping ~ fuhh~ hate it...
suddenly forgetting what i want to post..... o0....
OK! suddenly remember something ! ^^ kekeke [mood change : HAPPY ]
wait,, hungry ! =.=' what to do??????
knew something that would help me ~~ kekekeke ^^


looks yummy ? of course! ^^ its Chef Cat Cora Halibut dish ! kekeke ^^
cooking? shes waaayyyyy BETTER than me ! hihii :D me? got my own way of cooking ! hihihihi

ok, my stomach feeling better! ^^ Mr.S please live healthily and don't call Mr. G to have a 'Sleepover Party' w/ u ! i HATE it ! ^^ kekekek

[newTOPIC] hihihi ^^ i've heard... no no no~~ i've read in some site...^^
*happiness overloaded*

B2ST goin to released their 1st FULL ALBUM in the mid of April ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!
whoaa~ praying that is true.. a B2UTY which is also a Korean,, read it somewhere~
so NICE! Thanks to B2ST : Yoon Doo Joon, Jang Hyun Seung, Yang Yo Seob, Yong Jun Hyung, Lee Gi Kwang, Son Dong Woon ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ u so much ! ! ! :))

to CUBE ENT. : please released a SE [specialedition] B2ST full album together!~ i would BUY it!
kekekeke :D

[2nd newTOPIC]
have u watch 4Minutes new mv ?? ^^
Heart 2 Heart (starring: 4Minute n CN Blue Jungshin)
Mirror Mirror ^^ new ,, album : 4Minute Left~

can't wait for their comeback in MuBank ~~ gidaryo!
comment : H2H mv is awesome! im a Jungshin bias, ^^ and i love the way he bcomes nice n arrogant there ! kekeke :D 4Minute repay their revenge towards him~ funny LOL XD.
Mirror mirror MV,, 4Minutes looks awesomely cool and sexy! their song quite catchy, but i prefer H2H.. coz it sounds more funky ! hihihi :)) click MirrorMirror up there to watch the Mv!

[myDAY] feels so bored~ uwaa, thinking of goin to any water parks...but no friends.. watch Glee, Are u smarter than 5th grader, and now.. Reaper 2.. gve me more entertainment please oh tv!

stopping right there... feels so tired,, putting my jaw on my Nemo~ =.='


b4 that,, do leave me some tips about getting rid of my bad habit : drinks Coke everytime im thirsty~

gudnite, [already morning....] sleep well~ dream of ur bias ! ^^ kekekke

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