Apr 11, 2011

i hate awkward ~ :(

this entry actually is in Malay,, but somethings had 'boomboompaw' my head... then i decided to write it in English~ kekeke :D
a few days ago, im happy and a few days later i upset... 0_0
dont know what had gotten in me for a last few days.... :( im terribbly sad T.T

im happy coz Mr Dan replied me~ *faint* XD
LOL,, im not obsessed w/ him,, jus i love to see him ^^ he is nice, can bcome ur friend, lovely voice!
said so to one of my bezfriend, that i'm easily to fall into a guys w/ lovely voice... but not all of coz~

^^ so he is under my 'stalking' list ! hihihi XD
actually want to post the cut pix of the comments... but afraid he will knew it ~ kekekek XD


juz post ! :) nvermind ryte? i just Like it :P

i'm sorry Mr Dan.. ^^ i juz love to c u~ XD dun think me as a REAL stalker ~ kekeke XD

why im upset ? O_O

uhm... theres an answer for that question,, but i didn't knew how to xplain in...
argh... its juz a feel my life is ...?? miserable mybe? :(
even i can't xplain it ... urgh~ =.=' i hate it...
start: for me as a friends, or new friends... then juz act like a friend... i luv tat way more ~ =.= i hate to feel awkward to a friend... :( so juz be like a friend... i like my friend, but i dun like my awkward friend... so how? terrible ryte? urgh~ then nvermind.. goin to post a more fun topics next..

juz pray that i can get rid that awkward thingss~ urgh ~

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