Apr 11, 2011

learn properly and just shut up !

argh,, feeling my burden was taken away by the strong wind [ raining heavily here n very strong wind !] XD

learn properly how to speak others language! ^^ i had start to take notes about this since im in my secondary school.. :) its rite that experience is the teacher of life!
since im in Malaysia , and im a Malay... means i can talk English and Malay only :)
now, i starts to learn Korean slowly~ its fun to learn others language and to use it.~

theres other language that we can learn also like
& many more~

many way we can learn those language... now, not only through classes... ~ we also can learn through Internet n books! ^^
through the world technology,, i believes that every people can learn through their own way..
goin to class? mybe should or maybe not? :D should if we want to be the best n learn more things.! not, if u believe and u can get helps from ur friends~ ^^

so, before saying something.. please do look and investigate... the means, way to pronounce, and how it heard~ :) sometimes it may invite laughter from other people, or maybe madness...
others culture, we should respect for it. who knew, mybe one day they will let their grudge to us bcause of our own mistakes... :)

im talking based on my xperience.. its very very important to knew what the means... TT^TT
sad to remember~ but that had taught me to always take safety measures [funny LOL XD my sentences] dun no what to write... kekekek :)

shut up? ^^
not the Bad Girl Good Girl by MissA

so shut up boy, so shut up boy so shut up shut up ! XD love tat song~

heard that someone juz wearing an 'OpenAir' dress... O_O
Lol its rite, i saw it ! =.=' she juz can say if she wears a tube, then the dress would not look beautiful coz the design is bareback~ ouh la la~
thats why i said that she should shut up her mouth...juz gives those dumb xcuses then leave...
people will starts to open their mouth when they heard about it u know?
mybe someone must knock on her head to make she realized that we are in Mlysia u know... O_o

urgh ... let it be.... (*.*)
these are some advices to girls out there... i knew that u love to wear dresses... :)
then,, juz wear it and takes some precaution steps from those 'CROCs' eyes... ^^
here i post a pix of safety short... its important to wear a safety shorts if u wear dresses or skirts.. even shorts~ :D unless u want those eyes to stare at u n c whats inside..O_O

its worth to buy it ~ ^^ believe me !

:) daridadudud~~~ bubye !

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